Salad bar, Izzi’s coming to food court

Katherine Wade

When students return from break in the fall, they’ll be eating at an overhauled Downing University Center food court.

Tim Colley, district manager for ARAMARK and the WKU Restaurant and Catering Group, said the organization is negotiating a made-to-order salad company for the Downing University Center food court.

“We’ve been getting lots of requests for healthier choices, so this should provide that,” he said.

Colley couldn’t give the brand’s name because there’s not yet a contractual agreement.

“We’re working our way through that agreement, and we’re pretty close,” he said.

The salad bar will likely be placed where Taco’s Last Stand is now, Colley said.

Another new option coming to the DUC food court is Izzi’s Southwest, which serves tacos and burritos.

Colley said the other Izzi’s location on campus, in Garrett food court, is extremely popular. He expects students to be pleased.

“We did our surveys with students … and they all said if we could do that it would be great,” he said.

Colley said the sushi would be moved to the open-air coolers in the food court to create space for Izzi’s.

He said the Izzi’s location in DUC may not provide the exact same menu options as the one in Garrett because of a lack of space, but it will be as close as possible.

Louisville sophomore Sarah DeWitt said she’s excited about having Izzi’s in the food court, especially since she doesn’t like Taco’s Last Stand.

“I’ve been waiting for them to put a good taco place in there for a while,” she said.

DeWitt also said she thought she would like the new salad place.

“That’s a healthy choice,” she said. “When you live on campus, the foods on the meal plan are really your only options. I’m tired of all the greasy foods, so I would definitely eat there.”

Colley said WKU is also reworking the salad station in Fresh Foods.

“We’re hoping to expand that and make it a little easier to work off of,” he said.

Colley said ARAMARK is also expecting to see results from the MarketMATCH survey in the next two or three weeks.

According to the ARAMARK website, MarketMATCH is a 16-week research process that takes an in-depth look at how to best serve clients. At the end of the report, MarketMATCH provides a five- to six-year plan to guide the university’s dining service.

Colley said he’s waiting for the survey results to make other decisions about campus dining.

“We’re trying to get all that compiled,” he said. “By the first week of June we hope to have the final report to present to the university.”