BG smoking ban starts Thursday

Jonathan Lintner

An ordinance banning smoking in most public places in Bowling Green goes into effect Thursday.

According to the ordinance, no person will be allowed to smoke in any building or enclosed area, including but not limited to all office buildings and work places, with a few exceptions.

Smoking near building entrances will also be prohibited, and “no smoking” signs will be required in buildings.

Bowling Green’s Board of Commissioners originally passed the ordinance by a 3-2 vote at a Jan. 24 special session.

The city, along with the Barren River District Health Department, has since offered “Smoking Business Kits” to assist business owners in implementing the new ordinance.

Smoking is already banned in buildings on WKU’s campus, although further discussions to make campus smoke-free is in the works.

The University Senate passed a resolution in December supporting a smoke-free campus. Staff Council has since voted down a resolution, and the Student Government Association hasn’t yet read a resolution.

President Gary Ransdell said he won’t recommend a smoking ban on campus to the Board of Regents until all three governing bodies pass a resolution.