SGA’s academic affairs committee hard at work

Mike Stunson

As the school year winds down, the Student Government Association’s academic affairs committee isn’t letting up.

Five bills sponsored by the academic affairs committee were approved by the senate on March 29, including two that gave away a total of $700 in scholarships to students.

Committee chairman Travis Taylor said the grants will help out “very deserving students.”

“All of these students have some great ideas and just needed the funding for them, and we are very happy to give it to them,” Taylor said.

The senate also approved a bill that will reimburse students for passing College Level Examination Program tests. President Colton Jessie said this was an idea he has had for a while.

“When we first thought about it, we didn’t how we would be able to do it, but it is huge,” Jessie said. “There are a lot of people who take CLEP tests on campus, and it’s awesome we can help give them some of their money back.”

The first 40 students who come to the SGA office with proof they passed a CLEP exam will receive $20. Billy Stephens, who worked on the CLEP reimbursement bill, said it will give students more of an incentive to take the tests.

“Every little bit helps for a college student,” Stephens said. “I don’t think there is a better deal in the state, so hopefully people will use it.”

At the beginning of the school year, SGA had allotted $12,000 to spend on scholarships for the student body, and that money is almost gone. The last of the study abroad scholarships will be up for approval at next week’s SGA meeting.

Jessie said he has been impressed with the job the academic affairs committee has done during the year.

“There are only five to seven people on the committee, but they are all extremely dedicated,” Jessie said. “Sometimes we have a hard time getting money out in time, but this year they have done a good job.”

Stephens said the committee has been working extra hours to distribute money.

“A lot of work has been spent during spare time and on the weekends to go over applications,” he said. “They have by far done what was asked by them.”

Taylor said after the last scholar development bills are approved, then the bulk of the committee’s work will be done.