Presidential spot open in SGA election

Mike Stunson

The Student Government Association’s spring elections begin today, and candidates for the only contested executive race have taken different approaches to their campaigns.

Diego Leal Ambriz, who is facing off against Billy Stephens for SGA president, said he’s confident in his chances despite not visiting student organizations.

Leal Ambriz opted to instead post flyers in Downing University Center and create a Facebook event page. He plans to visit student organizations if he wins.

“I know a lot of people on campus, and I think they will vote for me,” Leal Ambriz.

Stephens said he has visited organizations throughout his campaign season and will continue to do so until the election is over.

“I have been talking to students about the role I have played in SGA, as well as talking to people about what they want,” he said. “I didn’t want it to just be me talking to them about what I plan on doing.”

Stephens said he thinks his campaigning will help him out a lot when students cast their votes.

“It shows more ambition that I am making the extra reach and going out and talking to people,” Stephens said.

After Katie Stillwell dropped out of the race Sunday due to an illness in her family, Kendrick Bryan is running unopposed for executive vice president.

Devon Hilderbrandt is unopposed for administrative vice president in the elections, which run through Tuesday and Wednesday on TopNet.

In addition to executive elections, the SGA senate race will also be unopposed. Just 35 students are running for the 36 open senate seats.

Bryan, who will be executive vice president for the third straight year, said he still plans on campaigning despite no longer having competition.

“I have talked to 30 organizations so far, and I still have a few left to talk to,” he said. “I plan to be out and about Tuesday and Wednesday.”

But with all eyes now shifted to the contested presidential race, Bryan said it will be a toss-up.

“I’m looking forward to seeing the results, but it really could go either way,” he said.

Leal Ambriz said WKU will get a good student body president no matter the outcome.

“Billy has the experience and is a great guy, but I also feel I have my strengths,” he said. “It should be a close race.”