Construction notes: WKU installs natural gas boiler

Katherine Wade

A 93,600-pound natural gas boiler was installed at the WKU Central Heat Plant on Tuesday morning.

The 27-foot long boiler was transported using a special heavy haul truck.

Dale Dyer, plant operations manager for Facilities Management, said the boiler installation went well.

“Western Crane helped get it in, and they ended up with five inches worth of additional space,” he said. “It was a pretty talented crew that set it in there.”

Dyer said the new boiler eliminates the need for WKU to operate coal boilers.

“We now have the ability to use 100 percent natural gas,” he said. “It reduces greenhouse gases and provides a clean environment in and around the Central Heat Plant.”

The new boiler is also 25 percent more efficient than the old coal boilers.

Dyer said the boiler was totally self-funded. He said over the past couple years, money has been saved through good energy management practices and conservation efforts. These uncommitted funds were reinvested into the new boiler.

Music Hall

Bryan Russell, director of Planning, Design and Construction, said the construction of the new music hall behind the fine arts center is coming along as scheduled.

Russell said the project should be completed by December of this year. A parking lot, called Virginia Garrett Loop, will also be put in by the new building.

The three-story building will include two multi-story rehearsal spaces, faculty and graduate assistant offices, three performance music libraries and storage areas.


Associate Athletics Director Craig Biggs said a meeting next week will focus on planning new tailgating options for next year. Currently, the university is on the same plan as last year.

Parking structure

Russell said the parking structure in Block 12 — down the Hill from Van Meter Hall — is scheduled to be completed by the end of June, and the accompanying convenience store will come after that project is finished.