$2.3 million in budget cuts will affect 13 divisions

Elizabeth Beilman

President Gary Ransdell announced more than $2.3 million in budget cuts for fiscal year 2011-2012 on March 18. Here’s how the cuts will affect different university divisions, according to a document Ransdell provided in an email to WKU faculty and staff.

Academic Affairs: $1,476,127

About $1.2 million of cuts comes from elimination of vacant faculty and staff positions.

Personnel reductions are of seven full-time faculty, five full-time staff and three part-time transitional retiree faculty positions. That’s in addition to partial cuts to student workers and graduate assistants.

Full-time faculty positions cut are in architecture manufacturing sciences, marketing, management and psychology.

“We don’t have any more to cut,” said Blaine Ferrel, dean of Ogden College of Science and Engineering. “We’re down to the bone, and I think that’s true of all the colleges.” 

Other areas in the division of Academic Affairs that were cut are operating funds, travel and professional development and capital funds.

Campus Services and Facilities: $348,800

Cuts include six full-time positions, five in the Facilities Department and one in Planning, Design & Construction, said John Osborne, vice president for Campus Services and Facilities.

“We’re having to reorganize and shift those duties elsewhere in order to make it work,” Osborne said.

Information Technology: $136, 387

Reductions will be made in repair and replacement of technology equipment within the division as well as in departments and computer labs.

Additionally, the number of equipment loanable to students and faculty will be reduced.

Finance and

Administration: $65,702

The Employee Wellness position will be moved to Health Services, which generates its own money.

Student Affairs: $61,315

One position will be eliminated, and salary dollars will be reduced due to savings on a position replacement.

“Basically, it means we’re going to review and decide where we’re going to put salary dollars, and if we’re going to have to collapse a position,” said Howard Bailey, vice president for Student Affairs.

Central Budgets: $55,260

Contingency budgets, or money set aside for potential losses, will be decreased.

Athletics: $47,545

Reductions will be made in contingency funds, affecting maintenance projects and travel for staff and teams.

Development and Alumni Relations: $45,965

One full-time position will be removed. Also, the new-donor acquisition funding will be eliminated, which could affect the number of donors and participation in alumni giving.

Public Affairs: $25,995

Reductions will be made in funding for travel, non-employee services and operations. Some student aid and scholarship funding will be eliminated.

Research: $23,972

Cost share budgets for research and outreach will decrease. Cost sharing for grant proposals will be made up by increasing the cost-sharing role in the WKU Research Foundation.

President: $10,908

The funding for the President’s Home will be decreased because the lease for president’s house on Chestnut Street is expiring.

Chief Diversity Officer: $7,772

Reductions will be made in funding for temporary personnel, operations and financial aid support.

Effects will include impacting efforts to help campus units bring their websites into ADA compliance and reducing financial aid support to minority students.

Chief of Staff/General Counsel: $5,952

Reductions will be made in funding for operations and travel for professional development.