Students do spring break on a budget

Zirconia Alleyne

There’s one week many students probably look forward to every spring semester.

As spring break approaches, students might be anticipating springtime getaways with tons of sun, fun and friends.

But those vacations come with a cost, and many college students have planned their spring break trips on a budget and found ways to minimize vacation expenses.

Tanner Stepp, a senior from Bruceton, Tenn., said he has to have a budget.

“I don’t like to spend just because I have it,” he said.

Stepp saved money from working as a desk clerk and got money from his mom to pay for his trip to Destin, Fla., with his girlfriend and other friends.

The group of seven decided they would go to Destin at the end of last year.

Some students, including Hopkinsville sophomore Houston Croney, start planning early to avoid last-minute costs.

Croney began planning a trip to Panama in December.

“I feel like Panama is a must,” he said. “You gotta go at least one time in college because it’s a spring break spot.”

Stepp and friends chose to go to Destin over the usual college hot spots because a friend’s uncle owns a condo and said they could use it for the week.

Stepp said Destin is more family-oriented than the other college spots, but the free condo stood out to him the most.

The group will split gas and pay individually for food and leisure activities. Without the expense of lodging, Stepp hopes to use only half of his $500 budget on the trip.

“If I come back with half of that it would be good, he said. “I should be able to do that easily if I don’t get robbed.”

Croney said his group plans to pack snack food for the road to save more money.

“Prices down there will be high for everything,” he said.

Louisville freshman Holly Rodgers doesn’t plan to spend a lot of the money she saved to go on a cruise with her group of friends, especially with a parent on board.

Along with a parent and a discounted group rate, they saved more money than they would have had they gone alone.

Overall, they spent $650 each for a flight to Tampa and a cruise to Mexico. The cruise price also included food.

 Rodgers said she’s also going scuba diving, because it’s not too expensive with a plan.

Most of all, the students are anticipating the priceless memories of spring break.

“I’ll probably go golfing and mostly relax by the beach,” Stepp said.

Rodgers is ready for the sun and toasty temperatures of Mexico.

“It’s going to actually be hot in Mexico,” she said. “Florida’s not going to be that hot.”

Croney said he is looking forward to freedom, warm air, non-stop partying and relaxation.

“This is going to be great, and I’ve never been on the beach,” he said.