SGA could give last of org aid money tonight

Mike Stunson

The $40,000 Student Government Association organizational aid budget is nearly gone.

The last org aid bill of the semester is up for approval at tonight’s meeting, and if approved, SGA will see its last $3,000 go to a total of six organizations.

“We’ve worked hard all year, and I think our money went to some real good organizations,” Administrative Vice President Wade Pierce said.

Organizations had the opportunity to apply for org aid throughout the school year. They can be awarded as much as $500.

Last year’s budget for org aid was $30,000, but due to a high number of applicants, Pierce decided to raise this year’s budget $10,000.

“Last year we took money out of other budgets to give out more org aid money,” he said. “We thought it would be a good idea to raise the budget this year, but it still ran out.”

SGA President Colton Jessie said the organizational aid committee’s ability to get rid of its money this fast is a good thing.

“It seems to get more and more popular every year,” Jessie said. “I am very proud of everyone involved on the committee.”

Devon Hilderbrandt, org aid co-chair, said word of mouth is a great way to get the word out about org aid.

“Org aid has been a great thing for a lot of people, and I’m confident we’re going to have even more people file applications this upcoming year,” Hilderbrandt said.

Pierce will graduate in May and looks to pass on the reigns as chairman of org aid to Hillderbrandt, who is running unopposed for administrative vice president in next week’s elections.

“He is very much capable,” Pierce said of Hilderbrandt. “He has ran a few meetings for me and definitely knows what he is doing.”

Hilderbrandt said he learned a lot being Pierce’s co-chair and is confident he can fill his shoes.

“Me observing Wade and watching how he dealt with the organizations and how he ran things was a great learning experience for me,” he said. “I’m very ready to take on the position of AVP and hope to do just as well as Wade has done in the past.”