Audience and performers impressed by PRISM concert

Joanna Williams

Clad in all black and armed with only their instruments, 175 students performed tonight in the 16th annual PRISM concert in Van Meter Auditorium.

PRISM, the only concert of the year that features almost every ensemble in the music department, used lights, special effects and a number of scattered performances to entertain an almost packed house.

The show featured several different performances that visibly wowed the crowd.

The pep band stood in the aisle way and played the Fight Song as many members of the audience stood up and begin to pump their fist.

The steel band was a crowd favorite as they rose to the top of the orchestra pit along with smoke and colored lights playing “Cha Cha Medley.” Midway through the performance they threw balloons into the crowd as the audience played with them.

This was the first time the PRISM concert was performed in the renovated Van Meter Auditorium, but many musicians noticed the difference of performing in Van Meter versus Downing University Center where they performed the past two years.

Burkesville sophomore Jacob Marx said this was his second PRISM performance but that he enjoyed tonight’s more because of the new venue.

“With the theater it flows a lot more,” he said.

Jeff Bright, assistant music professor, said performing in Van Meter allowed a number of things to be possible with the added room.

“There was a lot more staging,” he said. “We could use the balcony, the aisles and the hydro lift. It was a lot different style opportunities.”

Bright also said the quality of the new speakers and lights in auditorium enhanced the production of the show.

“The amount of lighting we have, the sound system is just great,” he said. “It’s the kind of quality you can have in a show in New York or Chicago.”

Bardstown freshman Garrett Thompson said he came to the concert to support his friends who were performing, but was surprised by so much action.

“This was full of nonstop energy, the lightshow, I wasn’t expecting,” he said.

Louisville freshman Hannah Sutton said she knew a couple of friends in the performance and wanted to see them play.

She said the concert didn’t disappoint.

“I really liked the variety of music,” Sutton said. “You never got more than one thing.”