Column: ‘Big girl’s guide’ kicks the bucket

Marianne Hale

I’m allegedly graduating in May.

It’s alleged because I’m still not completely convinced that it’s happening … or that I want it to.

I’m torn between wanting to be a real “grown-up” and wanting to keep this college student gig (mostly because I think I’ve gotten pretty good at the whole college thing).

If you or anyone you know is experiencing the same phenomenon, I feel for you.

You might be overwhelmed with joy as you think about starting your adult job in your new adult life complete with a set of new adult adventures.

Or you might be suffering from irrational feelings about your future that ultimately culminate in uncontrollable bouts of tears. Or maybe that’s just me.

But whether the thought of the future is inciting waterworks or inspiring excitement and anticipation, there are a few things left to do before we walk the stage, shake hands or, if you’re lucky, hug President Gary Ransdell and get on with our post-college lives.

Many of my college friends have at least a short list of things they want to accomplish before they get off the Hill. Some of my friends have even taken to calling them their bucket lists – you know, the list of things you want to do before you “kick the bucket.”

You might remember this idea from that movie starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman.

But these lists aren’t made up of things my friends want to do before they kick the bucket. They’re the things they want to do before their college careers kick the bucket.

My list includes dining at all the campus eateries. I think the only one I have left is the Bene Pizza place in the Garrett Food Court … unless WKU listens to the student dining masses and replaces Taco’s Last Stand with something a little more appealing before May.

I’ve already checked off a couple of items, including my dream of getting a photo with Big Red (a staple for many Hilltoppers) and taking my first flight (It was fall 2009 to Austin, Texas).

My friend Sarah’s bucket list includes her aspirations to pull an all-nighter and become BFFs with President Ransdell. She’s already checked off her goal of attending a frat party.

Among other things, my friend Colleen hopes to take a spontaneous road trip and get 50 fans for a Facebook page dedicated to our friend “Tood,” who isn’t exactly thrilled about having a fan page. Colleen’s only 12 fans away from crossing this one off her list.

Another friend, Matt, put streaking, traveling out of the country and becoming famous in his department on his list.

As you’re finishing up the semester’s last week of classes and wigging out about finals, packing for home or planning the rest of your life, try to cross off a couple of items on your college bucket list.

It will give you an opportunity to focus on something that’s hopefully a little less stressful than thinking about your impending graduation. At least that’s what I hope it does for me.

Keeping with the theme of “kicking the bucket,” this is the last installment of “A Big Girl’s Guide to Growing Up.”

Thanks for reading along as I took on my adventures in adulthood this semester.

This “big girl” might not be all grown up, but she’s a little bit closer.

She hopes you are too.