BLOG: WKU 57, Florida A&M 50 (final)

Head coach Mary Taylor Cowles yells during a timeout late in the first half of their game against Northwestern in Diddle Arena. The Lady Toppers host Florida A&M at 2 p.m. Sunday in the 28th Annual BB&T Classic.

Cole Claybourn

WKU (2-6) hosts Florida A&M at 2 p.m. Sunday in the 28th Annual BB&T Classic. This will be the Lady Toppers’ first game ever with FAMU (3-2). Follow along with beat writer Cole Claybourn’s live-blog coverage from Diddle Arena.

The Lady Tops win this one 57-50 to move to 3-6. Look for more on later.

The Lady Toppers have gotten six second half points from Teranie Thomas. The lead 57-50 with 50 seconds left.

3:30 left to play and the Lady Tops lead it 53-46.

LaTeira Owens has a double-double to lead the Lady Toppers. There’s 7:45 left to play and it’s Lady Tops 47, FAMU 41.

A mini run has the Lady Tops up 43-38 with 10:06 left to play.

11:44 left to play: Lady Tops 37, FAMU 35.

13:39 left to play: Lady Tops 37, FAMU 32.

LaTeira Owens continues to be the workhorse for WKU. Seems like the offense is designed to get her a touch every possession. She has 12 points and nine rebounds so far.

15:42 left in the game: Lady Tops 36, FAMU 30.

Lady Tops shooting 38.7% in the first half. FAMU shooting 33.3%. WKU had 15 turnovers in the half, while FAMU had 10. Pretty sloppy half on both sides.

Florida A&M puts together a 7-0 run to close out the last four minutes. It’s WKU 29, Florida A&M 26 at halftime.

3:52 left and the Lady Toppers lead it by 10, 29-19. Lots of turnovers on both sides – 11 for WKU and nine for FAMU.

Lady Tops have their longest lead of the game – 7. Up 25-18 with 7:45 left. LaTeira Owens is leading the way for the Lady Tops with nine points and four rebounds.

10:57 left in the first half: Lady Tops 17, Florida A&M 16.

We’re at the first media timeout and the Lady Toppers lead this one 12-9 over Florida A&M. Arnika Brown has six points.

Both teams are looking to run. Lady Tops have an early 6-5 lead with under 18 minutes left in the first half.

We’re about five minutes from tip-off. Here’s the Lady Toppers’ starting lineup: Amy McNear, Hope Brown, LaTeira Owens, Arnika Brown, Vanessa Obafemi