BLOG: Northwestern 61, WKU 54 (FINAL)

The WKU women’s basketball team hosts Northwestern in its home opener Thursday night at 7 p.m. Follow along with the Herald’s live-blog coverage from Diddle Arena.

Cole Claybourn

The WKU women’s basketball team hosts Northwestern in its home opener Thursday night at 7 p.m. Follow along with the Herald’s live-blog coverage from Diddle Arena.

– FINAL: Northwestern 61, Lady Toppers 54.

– Means fouls out after turnover and Northwestern hits both free throws. Hope Brown misses a three and Northwestern has the rebound. They go back to the line and hit both free throws.

Means called for a block and Northwestern hits one of two. Janae Howard scores on the other end. Lady Toppers down 57-54 with 42.6 left to play.

Chaney Means finds Janae Howard under the basket for two, but Northwestern answers back. Howard then called for an offensive foul. Lady Toppers down 56-52 with 1:52 left in the game.

Jaeschke is back in for Northwestern. Lady Toppers couldn’t capitalize while she was on the bench. They cut the lead to one, but still trail 54-50 with 3:03 left to play.

– Northwestern’s foul trouble is getting worse. Tailor Jones, who had nine points and five rebounds, just fouled out, and Jaeschke and Kendall Hackney both have four.

– Northwestern is still hanging on to their lead. Now leading 51-46 with just over five minutes left to play.

Keisha Mosley picks up her third foul with 7:06 left to play. Mosley has six points and 10 rebounds. Teranie Thomas also has three fouls.

Arnika Brown leads the Lady Toppers with 10 points and six rebounds with 7:56 left to play, but they still trail 44-40. 

– Lady Toppers refusing to take the lead. They’ve cut it within one several times but are now down by four with just over eight minutes left.

Mosley muscles her way inside and draws Jaeschke’s fourth foul with 11:56 left to play. She’ll have to sit and that could be the big break the Lady Toppers needed.

Jaeschke just picked up her third foul and Northwestern was called for a lane violation. Still down 37-36 with 12:14 to play and could be gaining some momentum.

Lady Toppers haven’t been down more than three points in the second half. Down 37-36 with 12:14 left to play.

Timeout at 15:00 and Northwestern is up 35-32. Jaeschke with 13 points for the game.

Jaeschke back in to start the second half for Northwestern and they go right to her. Mosley answers on the other end but Northwestern scores again. 33-30 with 18:07 left.

Northwestern center Amy Jaeschke had nine quick points and four rebounds for the Wildcats, but only played seven minutes in the first half after picking up two early fouls.

– Lady Toppers held Northwestern to just one rebound in the last five minutes of the first half and are now out-rebounding the Wildcats 20-19.

– Lady Toppers use a 21-6 run to end the first half and now trail 29-28. Scored four points in the last four seconds on free throws. They forced a turnover with 1.3 seconds left and Janae Howard hit a three-pointer as the buzzer sounded that would’ve given the Lady Toppers a 31-29 lead going in to halftime, but the referees determined that the shot came after the buzzer.

Lady Toppers now on a 14-6 run. Down 29-21 after a timeout with 1:33 left to play in the first half.

Huge 13-4 run capped off by a Janae Howard three-pointer has the Lady Toppers back in this game. Down 27-20 with 3:24 left to play in first half.

– Northwestern 27, Lady Toppers 15 with 5:02 left in first play. Lady Toppers still struggling to find offensive rhythm. Getting out-rebounded 18-12.

Mosley misses two free throws and it’s still 22-7 Northwestern with 7 minutes left.

– Both teams are now in the bonus with just over 8 minutes to play in the first half. Northwestern up 22-7.

Northwestern is currently on a 13-0 run that’s stretched nearly six minutes.

Northwestern is now 7-13 (3-4 from three-point range) and are now up 15, 20-5 with 11:48 left to play in the first half.

– Jaeschke leads all scorers with 9 and Northwestern has stretched the lead to 15-5 with 13 minutes left.

– After a Keisha Mosley technical foul call, Northwestern took a 9-2 lead. A Janae Howard 3-pointer cut the lead to four with 15:30 left in the first half.

– Timeout at 17:21 mark and it’s tied 2-2. Keisha Mosley scored on the Lady Toppers’ first possession and Northwestern’s Amy Jaeschke answered on the the other end.

Starting lineup for tonight’s game:

Junior forward Keisha Mosley, freshman guard Chaney Means, senior guard Hope Brown, sophomore forward Janae Howard, junior forward LaTeira Owens