SGA invites regents to Dine with Decision Makers

Mike Stunson

At tonight’s Student Government Association meeting:

-President Colton Jessie told the Senate that they have invited the Board of Regents to Dine with Decision Makers on Dec. 7.

-He also said SGA will be sponsoring the Feb. 12 WKU men’s basketball game against North Texas. The game will be featured on ESPN2.

-Executive Vice President Kendrick Bryan said participants found nearly 30 lights that were out on campus at last week’s campus safety walk.

-Bryan is also in the process of going to fraternity and sorority meetings to talk about SGA.

-Administrative Vice President Wade Pierce released the up-to-date budget for SGA. They have currently spent $37,610.17 of their $121,335 budget.

-Ellen Barringer was approved by the senate as a member of the Student Research Council.

-A bill that would have allocated money for date rap drug detection kits was scrapped by the public relations committee.