J is for Juggler: High school hobby helps student relax

He can put it on his resumes and use it to make his friends smile, but Louisville junior Dave Christopher said it’s never helped him get a girlfriend. “Girls don’t really dig juggling,” he said. Christopher learned to juggle his junior year of high school and said he continued to develop the skill because he genuinely enjoyed it. “I hope that people will like it. I always hope that people will be excited and entertained.”

Rialda Zukic

Louisville junior Dave Christopher rotated an empty box of Milk Duds, a set of keys and a water bottle in the air as he talked about juggling.

It all started in high school when he won a juggling contest, he said.

“It took me only a couple of weeks,” he said. “It was surprising.”

Now, Dave says he’s obsessed with it.

“Sometimes I pretend that I’m juggling,” he said. “I need rehab perhaps.”

But he doesn’t feel comfortable juggling in front of people in certain places, so he does it when they’re not looking.

The time and place has to be right, he said.

That doesn’t stop him from juggling in grocery stores sometimes, though.

“I might pick up a couple of apples and juggle,” he said.

Dave’s roommate, Gary Taylor, a senior from Santa Ana, Calif., said he would have never guessed that Dave was so coordinated until he saw him juggling.

“He can juggle anything pretty much,” he said. “A soda can, hacky sack or a pencil.”

Through the years, Dave’s parents have purchased juggling kits, books and tennis balls for their son.

His father, Dave Christopher Sr., said it’s not the most typical thing for people to get into, but he’s supportive of him as long as he enjoys it.

Dave Sr. said the family came to WKU to see Dave in a play, and Dave started juggling on stage before the show started because he didn’t want to just stand there.

Dave said juggling is relaxing for him, and it occupies his mind for a while so he doesn’t have to think about other things going on in his life.

Louisville resident Brian Deignan has known Dave since high school, when they both learned how to juggle at a Renaissance fair.

“Dave is like a Renaissance man,” he said. “He has lots of talents to work with.”

Along with juggling random objects, Dave also acts, does improv comedy and hosts a hip-hop show on Revolution 91.7.

Deignan said a juggling act would be great if he decided to include it in one of his stand-up gigs, because it would draw attention from the crowd.

He said people might say, “Hey, you remember that guy that juggled last night?”

Dave said he sometimes juggles thinking girls will think it’s cute.

He said if he ever meets a girl who loves that he juggles that will be “the one” for him.