Searle likes standing out with own fashion

“There are so many clothes out there you got to do something with them,” said junior Lindsay Searle, 20, of Bowling Green. “I like standing out. I like to have some sort of reaction. Searle is majoring in Design Merchandising and Textiles, which she wants to work in fashion with.

Amira Ahmetovic

Some WKU students choose comfort over style, but Bowling Green junior Lindsay Searle is the exact opposite.

Searle is a visual merchandiser at Forever 21, which means she puts together outfits displayed on the mannequins.

Seven questions with Lindsay on her style:

Q How would you describe your style?

My style is vintage and eccentric at the same time.

Q Who or what inspires you?

I try to think outside the box and what’s in style at the moment. I also go on to get inspirations.

Q Who are your favorite designers?

Marc Jacobs, Betsey Johnson and Burberry. I really like their military-inspired jackets.

Q Who are your style icons?

I really like Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen’s bohemian style.

Q What’s your favorite store?

Urban Outfitters.

Q What are your must-haves for this fall?

Chunky knit sweaters to layer over anything.

Q Favorite fashion magazines?

I really like Nylon and Vogue.