Sisler’s specialty is versatility

M. Blake Harrison

Sophomore Sydney Sisler is a jack of all trades.

It’s difficult to identify her by a specific position because she’s never occupying one spot for very long. Sisler is listed as a midfielder/defender, but she sometimes also slots into the forward position.

“It’s just kind of thrown at me, but I guess I’m a versatile player,” Sisler said. “I feel like anywhere Jason wants to put me, I can handle.”

During the Lady Toppers’ second weekend of Sun Belt Conference play, Sisler contributed on all four goals the Lady Toppers scored against Arkansas-Little Rock and Arkansas State.

Head Coach Jason Neidell said Sisler’s performances were both “decisive and crucial.”

He said he moved her to center forward for those two games, and it paid off.

“It’s a position by her admittance that she’s not entirely comfortable playing, but she’s really great at it,” Neidell said.

After netting a goal in last Friday’s 4-2 loss at Florida International, Sisler has already matched her goal total from last season with two. She’s taken nine shots on goal — 16 total — and has a .125 shooting percentage.

Neidell said the experience Sisler has under her belt isn’t the only thing that’s made an impact on her production this season.

“Her mentality has really improved,” Neidell said. “She’s somebody who seems to really enjoy the game and has a positive impact on the game and with her teammates.”

Freshman defender Katrina Ott said Sisler always comes through when the team needs it and is great at chasing down errant balls.

“I know I always enjoy playing with Syd, because she always stays with her mark, and she’ll stay with her runners,” Ott said.

The unpredictability of playing multiple positions may be challenging at times for Sisler, but she said she’s glad to help out where she can.

“It’s a big role,” she said. “Jason has enough confidence in me that he can put me wherever he wants. I guess I can get the job done.”