Tichenor not an average joe

Joe Tichenor, 22, of Bowling Green is a member of the local rock band micah. He is the younger brother of Daniel Tichenor, the bassist in the band Cage The Elephant. “I love rock ‘n’ roll, but I want to stay true to myself and my beliefs, and that is what we try to say with our music,” Tichenor said.

Chris Rutledge

Joe Tichenor is like many other WKU seniors. He’s getting ready to graduate, he’s working hard at his career goals and he’s happy to finally get some quality time with his older brother Daniel – who has some time off from touring with his band, Cage the Elephant.

“Growing up, me and my brother didn’t have much of a relationship,” Joe said. “Now that I’m older and can connect with him, going to these concerts is not only a cool time for me to see music and see them play, but it’s a good time for me and him to hang out.”

Music has always been a big part of Tichenor’s life. His father and mother were musicians, and he played in his church’s worship band in junior high school with other members of his band, micah.

“All of us have grown up together at church,” Tichenor said. “That’s a really key thing to us. We’re not a Christian band, but we’re a band full of Christians. That’s kind of what started up our music playing.”

Joe’s mother, Jane Tichenor, said religion has always been a big part of her son’s life.

“Since a very early age, church has taken a very prominent role in everything he did. At the root of everything he did is his faith and his commitment to Christian values,” Jane said.

Jane went on to explain some of the differences in her two sons.

“Joe has always respected Daniel for his incredible musicianship. I think Daniel looks at Joe now that he’s more of his contemporary, and he respects Joe for all of the things he’s accomplished without compromising his values.”

Tichenor writes much of micah’s material.

Garrett Cline, bassist for micah, has known Tichenor since seventh grade.

“He’s always been the creative person in the group,” Cline said. “We’ve always written songs together. He’s just as much a brother to me as my own brother.”

Though he is a marketing major, Joe Tichenor said his ultimate goal is to make a living off of his music.

“It’s my passion; it’s the whole band’s passion,” he said. “I feel like we’re called to do that, and to do it together. If the music thing doesn’t work out, I’d love to work with bands, marketing them.”

Joe Tichenor said Cage’s success was a dream come true for his family.

“One second they were writing that CD, and the next second they were over in Europe touring,” he said.

He recalled a time when, while studying abroad in England, he heard a Cage song at a clothing store.

“It was like, ‘Wow, they made it,'” he said.

Sometimes Tichenor is recognized around campus for having a famous brother.

“Sometimes it can be really awkward. I mean, what can you say? It’s like, ‘Hey, your brother plays bass for Cage the Elephant.’

‘…Yeah, he does … He’s really good.'”

A couple of times, micah opened for Cage at Bread and Bagel (now Greener Groundz), Tichenor said.

“It was fun, and a lot more people got to see us because of that,” he said.

Cage and micah are very different bands, he said.

“It’s all in the rock genre, but it’s two different spectrums, two different crowds,” he said. “We bring energy, but not the same kind of energy Cage brings.”

Ultimately, Joe doesn’t worry about living in his brother’s shadow. He’s content just attending his classes, playing his guitar and being himself.

“If my brother wants to help us in any way with the band, I’m down for it, but I’m also in that boat where I would like us to do it ourselves,” he said.