Wednesday Round-up

Hannah Bushon

World: Britain announced their most radical national budget cuts in decades today, in order to escape ‘crushing debt.’ 90,000 public sector jobs will be lost in the next four years, officials said. (New York Times)

Nation: Military recruiters are officially allowed to accept openly gay and lesbian citizens into the military, following a California judges ruling. (New York Times)

State: Kentucky ‘industrial, commercial and manufacturing facilities’ that practice emission lowering and energy-saving practices will be eligible to receive a cut of $250,000 in state funding.

Other: The Israel Antiquities Authority announced that amidst collaboration with Google, the 2,000 year-old Dead Sea Scrolls will be put on the Internet. Officials say the digital scans could be even easier to decipher than the scrolls themselves, and this will aid in preserving the scrolls for even more time.