RECAP: Hilltopper Hysteria updates

Jonathan Lintner

–Sergio Kerusch won it with Jamal Crook laying on a table, tossing it up to him. We’ll have video of it later. Pretty neat.

Brandon Peters attempted a dunk over a stand-still Big Red. He couldn’t finish, and actually advanced to the finals without making a dunk.

That concludes the festivities.

–Juan Pattillo’s knee was definitely hurting in the second round. He tried anyway but didn’t advance ahead of Brandon Peters, who will face Sergio Kerusch for the title.

–Sergio Kerusch had Jamal Crook bounce a ball from the the top of the stairs. He finished it with a decent dunk. Then Juan Patillo, using Kahlil McDonald, took a ball off the glass and finished with a windmill.

Brandon Peters and Ken Brown both failed to make a dunk in their 30-second timeslot.

Kerusch, Peters and Pattillo advance, though Pattillo is favoring his left knee.

–Big Red just danced to every radio hit in the last 15 years. It seemed to take about 15 years. Up next is the dunk contest, which will include Ken Brown, Brandon Peters, Sergio Kerusch and defending champion Juan Pattillo.

–A student chugged a can of Orange Crush to win an Orange Crush bike. What a night it must be for him. Next up is the 3-point contest by the women’s team, then the highly anticipated dunk contest for the men.

–This team has been through a couple practices already today. Ken McDonald cut the scrimmage off with a minute left. It was a 41-37 win by the red.

Kahlil McDonald and Sergio Kerusch led all scorers with 14 points each. Steffphon Pettigrew scored 11, and Juan Pattillo had 10 points and had five rebounds.

–Water break at the five-minute mark. Ken McDonald signaled to keep the clock running. Good idea considering it’s 33-28 in favor of the red team.

–Some team changes have been made with substitutions. Teeng Akol now wearing white, and Stephon Drane wearing red. Kahlil McDonald’s 3-point streak was snapped at four in a row.

–Not much defense being played in the men’s game. Less than five minutes in, the red leads the white, 21-13. Lots of impressive dunks, but the shooting has been great, too. Kahlil McDonald has drained three 3-pointers in a row.

–Here are rosters for the men’s red vs. white scrimmage:

Red: Teeng Akol, Cliff Dixon, Brandon Peters, Kahlil McDonald, Ken Brown, Kene Anyigbo, Juan Pattillo.

White: Jamal Crook, Caden Dickerson, Sergio Kerusch, Steffphon Pettigrew, Stephon Drane.

–LaTeria Owens led the red team to a 18-10 win over the white. Owens reached a double-double in the 15-minute running clock game with 12 points and 10 rebounds. The white team had five players score two points apiece.

Neither Janae Howard nor Arnika Brown played.

–The Lady Toppers’ scrimmage is under way. Here are the teams, and no, Arnika Brown is not starting.

Red: Teranie Thomas, LaTeira Owens, Chaney Means, Jasmine Johnson, Vanessa Obafemi.

White: Ellen Sholtes, Hope Brown, Amy McNear, Mimi Hill, Keisha Mosley.

–Mary Taylor Cowles and Ken McDonald both spoke at mid-court. They’re pushing the fans to get back to waving red towels, as is the WKU tradition. “If you can’t make (a red towel), I’ll get you one,” McDonald said.

–Jamal Crook and Cliff Dixon jived on their way out to the floor. Most others walked. Big cheers went to Steffphon Pettigrew, but as expected, Sergio Kerusch stole the show. Kerusch sang some Justin Beiber, then walked out of the tunnel wearing a “Transformers” mask. Three students (or, at least I hope they were students) helped Kerusch put a cape on before he walked to center court.

–Most applause on the women’s side definitely went to Arnika Brown. Also, former player Kenzie Rich is on staff as a graduate assistant. I didn’t catch what was said, but Rich is going by a new last name now that she’s married. Men now taking the floor.

–Updating from WKU’s Hilltopper Hysteria, which has taken a slow start. The entire football team is sitting together in the upper level of the student section, and I’m seated down on a boat-sized press table along with a host of recruits (both 2011 and 2012). Will try to identify them all soon.

Nothing seems to have changed with this season’s gameday experience. The new press table, though, has LED lights that will feature advertising. It looks like the ones in Rupp Arena and Freedom Hall.

Introductions have started for the Lady Toppers. In years past, this has been a painfully long process before we get to the actual practices. I’m told both the men and women will play with a 15-minute running clock.