Students get passport to fitness

Zirconia Alleyne

Students boarded the plane with a Passport to Wellness Wednesday night and got tips on how to stay fit in college.

Well U, a Health Services program, began hosting Passport to Wellness lectures to help students make better decisions in health, finances, sex and dating.

Jarka Voracova, exercise coordinator with the WKU Health and Fitness Lab, led this semester’s first lecture when she spoke to about 50 students about the true meaning of wellness and “ways to commit to stay fit.”

“To be well is not just about your physical appearance,” she said. “It’s about how you feel and think.”

Voracova told students to start by picking an exercise that is fun.

Walking, running, biking and swimming are several cardio exercises students can do around campus or in the Preston Center.

Voracova urged students to use the walking trail along campus instead of riding the shuttle or take the stairs instead of the elevator.

Houston junior Kayla Hagan said that although lectures are generally kind of boring, the information encourages her to workout more.

Hagan exercises at Preston almost every other day. She enjoys the group fitness classes offered Monday through Saturday.

“My favorites are Zumba and Awesome Abs,” Hagan said.

Voracova asked students about their hectic schedules, which ultimately get in the way of staying fit.

Thinking of the average busy college student, she came up with a workout plan that can easily be done at home, dorms and outdoors.

Voracova got the crowd involved by having them demonstrate her eight-step workout plan.

Everyone practiced tricep dips by placing their hands on the edge of their seats and lowering their body to the floor.

Madisonville freshman Kelsey Luttrell volunteered to show off her push-ups.

“I absolutely enjoyed the Passport to Wellness and the workouts she designed,” Luttrell said. “It’s great especially when I go home because we really don’t have anywhere to work out.”

Voracova informed students of more upcoming wellness events, such as Poker Walk and the Muscle of the Month challenge.

Well U has also implemented the Fitness Incentive Card Program. Students get the card punched whenever they exercise in Preston. After 20 punches, they turn in the card and receive a free T-shirt.

To register for Well U and Passport to Wellness, visit