Palin visits Louisville to show support for Rand Paul

Kaitlynn Smith

   Former governor of Alaska and 2008 Republican Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin made two appearances in Louisville on Sept. 16.

    She attended a fundraiser for Republican U.S. Senate nominee Rand Paul at the Crowne Plaza Hotel that morning, according to a Sept. 16 article on Louisville news station WLKY’s website.

    While Palin spoke at the luncheon, supporters of Democratic nominee Jack Conway protested outside the hotel, according to the article.

    Despite the protesting, about 70 people attended the $2,400-a-plate event to raise funds for the remainder of Paul’s campaign, according to the article. 

    Palin then went to Freedom Hall to give a speech at the National Quarter Convention, an annual event for gospel music, according to a Sept. 16 article on the Courier-Journal’s website.

     She spoke again of her support for Paul and other tea party candidates, in her speech, as well her belief in God, according to the article. 

    She also talked about her objection to the mosque planned near Ground Zero in her 45-minute speech, as well as her belief that conservative citizens could take back the country from the liberals, according to the article. 

    Palin’s speech was well-received by the audience, according to the article. 

    This was Palin’s second visit to Louisville this year, according to the article. 

    In April, she spoke at a conference for Christian women.