Nobody has it better than WKU fans

Nobody has it better than WKU fans

Jonathan Lintner

Football coach Willie Taggart overlooked the masses at “Topperville” — the student tailgating area that debuted last Saturday — with the confidence of a coach who’s never lost a game.

He asked the students right off the bat: “Who’s got it better than us?”

They responded: “Nobody.”

But that wasn’t good enough for Taggart. He wanted more swagger — the way things were when he was a student and quarterback for what was then a winning football team.

“Nooooobody,” he urged them. The students obliged, and then, at Taggart’s urging, some walked with the first-year coach down the hill to meet the WKU football team.

It was the second day in a row that Taggart had spoken to WKU students and fans in a public setting. The first was Friday, when he joined President Gary Ransdell, Athletics Director Ross Bjork and SGA President Colton Jessie at the Guthrie Bell Tower for a football pep rally.

There were no armed guards at the rally. No security. Nothing stopping the average Joe from speaking one-on-one with the guy who runs the football team, the athletic department or even the whole university.

How’s that for accessibility?

Bjork said WKU plans to make a tradition out of a pep rally the Friday before the first home football game every season. It’s the plan, too, for Taggart to address the student tailgaters and commence the “Topper Walk” about three hours before kickoff at every home game.

Louisville, Kentucky, Tennessee and even Indiana fans — sorry, you’re not getting that at those universities. You’re getting Derek Dooley surrounded by state troopers or a host of body guards with an assignment named John Calipari.

These coaches at larger programs roam the sidelines right in front of you. The athletics directors schmooze the same boosters that sit by you. The presidents sit in suites in the same buildings as you.

But you’re not getting any closer than that — unless you’re at WKU.

So whine all you want — about everything from concessions to a watered-down tailgating experience at last weekend’s football home opener.

Well, you still showed up in droves. Announced attendance at Saturdays’ game against Indiana was 20,772 — the second largest in Houchens-Smith Stadium history. That’s despite a 23-game losing streak.

There’s a reason why the Toppers keep losing yet the fans keep showing. As Taggart said, nooooobody has it better than WKU fans.