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-Pelesasa, Jakes take lead in QB race

-Friday football practice quick hits

Western Head Coach Willie Taggart sent out a Tweet before Friday’s football practice, saying, “Ready to attack this practice with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind.”

Taggart got that enthusiasm during the Toppers’ first day in full pads at Houchens-Smith Stadium, although he said it was somewhat unbridled.

“We had a lot of energy, and now I’d like to control some of that energy,” Taggart said. “It’s a typical first day of practice. Guys really want to get after it – they had a lot of trash-talking over in the cafeteria, and then they want to get out here and do something about it.”

Although the media didn’t see much of it during the final 45 minutes, it was clear from Taggart’s comments that things got a little heated between teammates during the scorching practice.

“More than anything, you’ve got to control your emotions,” Taggart said. “When you have a lot of energy and guys are flying around, a guy might catch you slipping, and then that guy won’t like it. I want them to play through the whistle all-out. We can play fast and aggressive through the whistle. That’s what I want to see.

“It’s just the things afterward. When a guy gives a cheap shot after he got his tail whipped. We don’t do that. Don’t get your tail whipped, and then you won’t have to do that.”

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It wasn’t all bad through Taggart’s eyes, however. He said uncontrolled energy is still better than no energy, and players were taking responsibility when they momentarily lost their cool.

“It’s all effort and character — coming back and doing the little things right and being very disciplined,” he said.

Western practices again from 9 a.m. to noon Saturday, meaning that the Toppers will hardly escape the heat.

But senior linebacker Thomas Majors said the players aren’t letting the temperature affect them simply because they can’t afford to.

“It was pretty hot out here, but we have to fight through it,” Majors said. “It’s going to be hot at Nebraska and other games we have, so we have to fight through it.”

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