about ambe north’s article about ‘soul grooves’

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i would just like to that i agree with her on most of her views, but there was something that bothered me about this article. i agreed with her about the decline of urban music circa 1997 and i agree that it’s a shame that the only outlet strictly urban music is 101.1 the beat (an absolute shame). i also agree that western has more than enough Christian things on campus, not to mention that if they like Christian music, they probably have all the cds and whatnot. however, for people who like non-religious music and wants to be in the flow of what new music is coming out (i.e. most of the people on campus), it is an outrage for a Christian rock station to take over the ‘soul grooves’ timeslot. however, i think she should stick to things she knows about. obviously, she doesn’t know anything about rock/punk music. afi started out as a punk rock band and has always been a punk band. “sing the sorrows” is the softest album they’ve had, which might be why ms. north didn’t think they were punk. however, by hearing the album, it’s obviously still punk. not only do i think she should stick to what she knows, but she should also stick to things pertinant to her story. it just seemed like she was trying to put down the other timeslots just to bolster the ‘soul grooves’ timeslot. also, i doubt she has any idea about the politics involved in getting certain timeslots, among other things, on the radio station. if she took the entire paragraph about ‘punk of ages’ out of her article, it would have been much more effective and credible. by including it, it gives the impression that she doesn’t know squat and she just babbles. also, it gives the impression that she, not so much grabs at straws, but pushes down other straws to make one straw seem obvious.