News Brief

Beth Wilberding

Police promotion

After serving students, faculty and staff on the Hill for 15 years, Mike Dowell was promoted by campus police to investigations captain.

Campus Police Chief Robert Deane said Dowell was promoted because “he’s our most experienced investigator” after Maj. Jerry Phelps.

Dowell’s new position will bring him added responsibility. As investigations captain, Dowell will be responsible for all of the criminal investigations that go through the department.

He was the head investigator for last May’s murder of Pellville freshman Melissa “Katie” Autry.

Deane said the qualities he looked for in a candidate for captain included leadership, initiative and determination.

Campus police are still going through the process of promoting more officers. Deane said some officers will be promoted to sergeant and assistant shift commanders. The promotions will be made when campus police hires more new officers.

– Beth Wilberding