the paper

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Dear Editor,

I just picked up the “view from the hill” and I was wondering if the paper was going to be like that from now on or if it was just a feature? I love our paper and we win awards every year as I hear. If this is the new paper, I will most likely never pick up a new paper. In all fairness, it IS good for freshmen that don’t know anything about our campus, but it is only geared towards freshmen. Even though they make up a large portion of the on campus population, as an upper-classman, I am very disappointed. I belive that we can have articles geared to all groups and maybe less ads. Near the end of the spring semester, there were porn ads (XXX) and full page ads with no stories and maybe they give us money for those ads, but for every ad, there should be a story. And the porn ads are tasteless and as a credited university such as Western, I believe that our paper can be better.