How much is too much?

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Big Red would not be proud of Western Kentucky University after the recent ruling which has been made at DUC Poolhall. The tuition that we pay is far from cheap. Every year Western students are drained of $9,000. This includes housing, meal plan, tuition, and other fees. However, this amount seems to be not enough for us to go to the pool hall and have a friendly game of pool. At the beginning of the semester students could go to the DUC Poolhall and shoot pool for free if they had their own pool balls, because the rental was for the balls and not the table. However, right in the middle of the semester Western decides to change the rules without any notification of the students. Now they have decided that if students want to play pool they are not paying to rent the balls, you are paying to rent the table and the sticks.(Unless you have your own stick, then you pay for the table). If you are a student who bought pool balls in order to try to save money you have done so in vain. Hmmm, this rule smells mighty fishy in light of the $5.6 million budget cut. It seems that Western is looking in every nook and cranny in order to make up for the cut. So now I am calling all students to boycott DUC Poolhall until they retract this bogus rule and let us have freedom to play a little pool without having to dig in our pocket for 5 bucks everytime we decide to relax and forget about our classes.