Response to “Kerry not President Material”

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I don’t like John Kerry. His eerie resemblance to Boris Karloffs Frankenstein not withstanding, he doesnt seem like the kind of guy I’d want running my country. However, a decision on who to vote for in November should not be solely based on what a man has been moved to vote against during his tenure as senator. To point out that he seems to live in a “Leave it to Beaver” type America where no one flies hi-jacked planes into heavily occuppied buildings is not the only thing that should be observed when considering candidates.

For example, one could wasily point out the mistakes that good old George Dubya has made in his term. 3 million jobs have been lost. That’s a lot. Also, Bush has borrowed money from future generations (that is, money that doesn’t even exist yet) and has caused the federal government to spend $1 billion more than is neccessary. And foreign policy? When North Korea, the danger that was closest to home last year, poked its head out and said “Hoo hoo, lookee here we have nuclear weapons…” George W. Bush ignored them and nearly risked having California blown off the side of our country and creating Arizona bay. How ’bout domestic policy? Two words: Patriot Act.

Now of course I’m not telling you, fair Herald reader, who to vote for. I’m simply letting Bryan Baise, Campbellsville Freshman know that there is more than one topic to consider during this hectic democratic and presidential race, and that George W. Bush wasn’t the saint-like president some people can attempt to make him out to be.

Alex Hall

Bowling Green Freshman