Bowling With A Cause

Catherine Melvin

Shrieks of laughter, sounds of high fives, the smell of pizza and the clanking of bowling pins filled the fourth floor of the Downing University Center on Tuesday night.

Big Brothers Big Sisters hosted its annual Bowl for Kids’ Sake for nearly 300 Western students and staff.

“The turnout was better then I expected,” said Robin Pemberton, special events director of Big Brothers Big Sisters in Bowling Green. “I hadn’t done this before but I had heard what a big hit it was. I couldn’t be more pleased; everyone is so elated.”

Several organizations attended including five Greek groups.

Although each group is different, their reason for attending the fund-raiser was all the same.

“Big Brothers Big Sisters is such a valuable organization,” said Midway junior Courtney Burge, a member of Chi Omega sorority. “It is so important for kids to have role models, and this is a great way of showing our support of that.”

Denise Cole, Big Brothers Big Sisters board president, said the Big Brothers Big Sisters Bowling Green chapter is very appreciative for all of the college students who came out to the fund-raiser. As of Wednesday night, they didn’t have an exact number for the amount of money they raised at the event.

“Many college kids think that $20 doesn’t matter, but $20 adds up and everything makes a difference,” she said.

Pemberton said the fund-raiser is so popular because the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization has found a way to incorporate fun with raising money.

All of the funds raised will go toward the Big Brothers Big Sisters agency and will help support mentoring programs.

Bowl for Kids’ Sake is the agency’s biggest fund-raiser raking in 42 percent of the budget.

“One of our goals is to expand Big Brothers Big Sisters into surrounding counties,” Pemberton said.

The local agency’s goal for the college bowl and the community bowls is $114,000. Because the agency is non-profit, this money will mean more job security for the current staff, room to hire new staff and ways to expand the agency.

“This money allows us to keep the lights on and the doors open,” said Dana Brown, executive director of Big Brothers Big Sisters.

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