What’s Your Story: Student loves performing

Adriane Hardin

He has appeared in a movie for the cable channel Lifetime. He has worked as a model and tried out for “American Idol.”

Florence freshman Jeremy Baceliri has always been a performer.

“You get to become someone you wouldn’t normally ever be,” Baceliri said.

His love of performing has prompted him to dabble in several different areas of the performing arts.

As a member of Boone County High School’s forensics team, he qualified to compete at the national level every year of his high school career.

He was a member of Western’s Forensics team briefly this fall, but decided that he needed to concentrate on academics.

He was also in several theater productions in high school, and particularly enjoys doing musicals.

While Baceliri has tried many different things, he hopes to pursue a career in television acting, producing and directing.

He said that in all of the activities he has tried, communication is vital.

“Basically it’s all about communication,” he said. “You’re out there and you have a voice.”

Baceliri is a member of a talent agency that notifies him when work becomes available.

He has spent this semester going to class and exploring his academic options.

Baceliri has not yet declared a major. He is considering many different fields in which he can have a voice, including photojournalism and broadcasting.

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