22 percent of employers will increase hiring

Laura Hagan

One of the biggest factors facing students’ plans after graduation is the state of the job market.

Becky Bennett, a career specialist with the Career Services Center, said that in recent years new hires have been down, but the job market is looking better.

“According to a recent survey of 16,000 U.S. employers, 22 percent said they plan to increase hiring activity this quarter,” Bennett said.

Bennett said there are several ways graduates should go about dealing with the job market and finding a job after graduation.

She advises students to “start early, use all the resources available to contact potential employers, and consider broadening [the] job search.”

Bennett said a good idea is to look at employment sectors students may not have considered before.

There are also many ways to get in touch with potential employers. Job fairs and on-campus interviews, as well as the Internet, are just a few that Bennett suggested.

It’s also important to consider which fields are most likely to welcome new applicants at the time of a student’s graduation.

Judy Owen, director of Career Services, said that according to a recent National Association of Colleges and Employers Salary Survey, graduates in business, engineering, education, and liberal arts are experiencing the most offers nationally.

Bennett said those seeking jobs in health care, government, retail, finance and accounting and the non-profit sector would have a large number of opportunities.

Herald reporter Clare Lowther contributed to this story.

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