Octubafest opens two-night run in FAC

Laura Hagan

Nothing beats two nights of free entertainment, especially when 12 talented euphonium and tuba players are showcasing their abilities to play music they normally wouldn’t.

The fourth annual Octubafest will take place at 7:30 p.m. tonight and tomorrow in the fine arts center recital hall.

This is the first year it will cover two nights.

“With the pieces they’re playing being of such a demanding nature, there are endurance issues, so it makes it easier to have the event on two nights.” said Joseph Stites, assistant professor of music.

Bremen senior Brandon Jones, a euphonium player, will be performing in his fourth Octubafest.

Jones said he likes being a part of Octubafest because he “gets to play.” Participation is not required, but many students are involved, he said.

Stites said the performances are influenced by the students’ off-campus activities.

“The Octubafest is mainly an outgrowth of work the students have done in their private lessons.” Stites said.

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