Observations on the Gubernatorial debate of 10 October

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While watching tonight’s debate, I observed many things. One candidate offered plans to solve many of our commonwealth’s problems, from waste and fraud, to drug abuse, and on to medical costs. The other candidate spoke in vague terms but was sure of only two things, raising your taxes and depending on fixing our problems with revenues made on expanded gambling. We have seen this ruse before, it was 1988, Wallace Wilkinson ran on a campaign promising us that the lottery, if enacted, would be used to fund education. Instead, its been used to fund pork and motel visits, and amazingly, made it back into the campaign coffers of his Lt. Governor and then his Lt. Governor when they ran for our commonwealth’s highest office. One candidate was constantly trying to generate sound bites, while the other was giving people his vision for improving the commonwealth through better education, better jobs, and lower taxes. One candidate’s supporters showed respect, while the others were too afraid to listen to the candidate who is removed from the politically incestuous relationships in Frankfort. One candidate spoke of getting a better value for your tax dollar, the other spoke of expanding the spoils system that his party has lived on for the last 32 years. Kentuckians, the democratic party of Wendel Ford, Happy Chandler, and William Natcher is dead, now all that remains is a corrupt gang of socialists, criminals and cowards. I urge you to vote your conscience on November 4, vote for change in Frankfort, for vote for Ernie Fletcher.

Darin Holloway

468 S Toohey Ridge Road

Cave City, KY