Educate Yourself / Then Accuse

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I am writing in response to an “opinion” piece that ran in Thursday’s issue by one Nathan Smith. While I respect Nathan’s enthusiasm, I cannot agree with his me approach to this issue.

In my time at WKU, I have learned a great deal about life and especially about dealing with people. Mr. Smith, I think that you might have missed out on this part of your education thus far. You live in a world where stereotypes rule the day and why? Because it is easy. It’s easy to say that all Greeks are “partiers” and that Gary Ransdale is trying to help out his brothers with this Greek Row concept. It would be just as easy for me to stereotype you as angry and resentful of something that you’re not a part of, but that wouldn’t be fair because I don’t know you and you Mr. Smith, don’t know all Greeks. Just becuase you’ve watched a few movies like “Old School” and “Animal House,” it doesn’t make you a connosour of Greek Life.

From a personal perspective, I take great offense at the shot that you took at Gary Ransdell. I was President of SAE for the last year and was involved in the initial discussions about the possibility of the Greek Row. I can’t remember President Ransdell even being involved in the initial discussions. It was Dean Tice’s project and he was the man that pitched it to all of the fraternities and sororities.

In my time in SAE, and in my year as president of that organization, the relationship that existed between President Ransdell and our chapter had a dual dynamic. He wore several hats, so to speak. He was president of the university, he was an alumnus of WKU, he was an alumnus of SAE, and he was a parent of a student at WKU. Yes, I believe that he is an alumnus who cares a great deal about an organization that was a big part of his time here in college. This is no different than any student who cares about things he/she did while they were in school. When it came to issues of university policy however, he put on a different hat – as would be expected – and he was president of WKU first and brother to SAE somewhere down on his list of responsibilities. He has never waivered in this distinction, and as a member of SAE, I would think less of him if he did. He is looking out for what’s in the best interest of WKU – not Gary Ransdell or SAE.

Mr. Smith, I’m sure you’re a wonderful person. You simply need to do your homework before you go around dropping empty accusations. If you really want to know the truth about the Greek Row and its details; go to the Greek Affairs office or make an appointment to see Dean Tice. Make an effort to educate yourself through mediums other than the opinion section of this paper. Good Luck with your studies!

“Stereotypical Frat Boy”

Tommy Williams


Smyrna, TN