A thousand words beyond the Hill

Chet White

“I bought this hat 20 years ago for $17,” Earl Harrison proudly says as he removes the hat from his walking cane and places it on his head. Harrison, 80, spends much of his day reading on his porch in Bowling Green and waving to passers-by.

“There’s nothing interesting about me, ” Harrison says, although the vision of him reading on the front porch with the warm sun pouring down on him begs to differ.

Harrison’s shiny bronze cane is never far from his reach. He suffered a stroke 15 years ago, which left him with a limp in his walk and without the use of his left arm.

Harrison sits on his porch, switching between the front and back porch, often by himself. His wife died in 1997. He is visited regularly by one of his sons and twice a week by his nurse.

Harrison thinks his old, crippled body is no good. But one thing is for sure – what doesn’t kill you may only make you stronger. And at age 80, Harrison is still reading his books and proudly wearing his hat.

And if you happen to spot Harrison on his porch, go ahead and wave, because he may wave back.

Chet White is a senior photojournalism major from Louisville. He can be reached at [email protected]