Spymob reinvents classic sounds

Stephanie Toone

With a producer like Pharrell Williams of the Neptunes and a performance on “Late Show with David Letterman,” the rock group Spymob is on track for a hit debut album with “Sitting Around Keeping Score.”

Spymob began playing in small clubs in their hometown of Minneapolis, Minn. After a chance meeting with Williams, the band found itself touring in Europe and performing on BBC’s “Top of the Pops.”

The first rock album to be released on the Neptunes’ label, Star Trak, “Sitting Around Keeping Score” is infused with such influences as the melodic sounds of 60s pop and the soulful funk of the 70s.

Lead singer John Ostby brings a sense of blue-eyed soul to every rock track on the album, and the use of piano and guitar gives the band’s sound an old-school swing. Spymob fuses its oldies sound with witty and reflective lyrics.

The title track, already in radio rotation across the country, is an upbeat, soulful reflection of the vibe of the album. Songs such as “2040” and “I Still Live At Home” display the strength of Ostby as a pensive lyricist, while on the witty track “Joe Namath” Ostby imagines what the life of a football star must be like.

The release date for “Sitting Around Keeping Score” has been delayed, but once the album is out, Spymob can be sure there will be no time for sitting around.

Check out Spymob at www.spymob.com.

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