In response to the lawsuit filed by the Autry estate

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Since Katie Autry’s death, I have followed the details of what happened to this fellow student as well as trying to fully understand how this horrible crime could have taken place in our seemingly safe surroundings. The lawsuit that was filed on Thursdays has left me baffled. It is absurd that the Autry estate is placing blame for Autry’s death on the staff of Hugh Poland Hall, Student Life Foundation, and Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity. Each of these groups handled matters in the appropriate way. The residence hall staff should be commended for their work instead of condemned. The Pike’s provided rides, and provided Autry, along with many others that night sober rides home. The Student Life Foundation as well as many memebers of campus came together over the summer to make campus safer for students returning in the fall. I have lived in the residence halls and I have been to fraternity parties, and I never felt as though I was not safe. My deepest sympathy goes out to the Autry family. I will not pretend that I understand the hardship that Autry’s family is going through, but I do understand their need for justice. None of the parties being held responsible in the lawsuit were negligent. The only individuals responsible for Autry’s death are the accused, Lucas Goodrum and Stephen Soules.

Tara Regan

Akron, OH

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