College Student Protesting – A Question of Quality over Quantity

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Letter to the Editor,

College Student Protesting – A Question of Quality over Quantity

These days the art of student protest and activism is not quite what it used to be. One of the most used acts of student dissent has always been walkouts, banners, the handcuffs and in many instances of nudity. This last form of scholarly demonstration is something that has been almost lost on American campuses. In the past and more enlightened times, we saw nude protests such as the classic streak, panty raid, pressed ham and the mysterious fruit bowl invented if not mastered by innumerable college students. Currently, all there is to be found in the world of matriculating rage against the machine is a vast amount of “When Drunk Coeds Go Wild” videos on late night television.

Why is there so much nudity, yet no message? The vast quantity begs the question…where has the quality gone? There is no charm, no gag, no purpose and no implication of rebellion to the whole rash of exhibitionism. Student leaders, dorm rats, frat brothers, sorority sisters and amateur documentary video artists foresee a disturbing trend that can only lead to an aesthetic and political disaster of collegiate proportions.

They point to ten alarming issues facing the college nude protesting in the new millennium:

10. Fundraising car washes

What becomes of the one guy pretending to be nude with the poster board?

9. Mary Kate and Ashley

They are now adults. Do we need to tour the Full House per say?

8. Breast implants

What will they look like when the recipient is 50 and gravity has taken its course?

7. Will Ferrell

He is encouraging middle-aged men everywhere to take it all off.

6. College Greek life

It runs the risk getting a bad reputation…ummm never mind this one.

5. Flabby

America the beautiful is not so much anymore; fattest nation on Earth…do you want to see this?

4. Life through Chemistry

Too many of us are on emotional meds. Is it really us flashing or the pills talking nudie smack?

3. Injury

Super soakers are getting way too powerful. You could hurt something valuable down there.

2. Webcams

You just never know where those little pesky spies are!

1. New Orleans – enough said

Is there not room at today’s schools of higher education for appreciation of the art of mooning or skinny-dipping in a campus fountain as a way of expressing ones views? As future leaders of our country, business and the community, it is up to all college students to bring back the better, simpler times. Challenge each other to fight for the whales, a free Tibet, lesbian Eskimo equality, the war on terrorism, AND the war on “senseless” nudity without purpose.

Western and all of America’s collegians – Activism in nude, but don’t be crude!

Jayce Scott

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