Crime reports


•Brian R. Franklin, Keen Hall, reported Monday the tailgate, worth $150, stolen from his 1993 Ford Ranger parked on Big Red Way.

•A Western female reported Monday receiving harassing communications to her dorm room from a male acquaintance.

•Ron D. Slavic, Inventory Control Manager, reported Monday the window of a 1988 International school bus parked in the Russellville Road lot broken out. Damage totaled $200.

•Julianne G. Tabor, Southwest Hall, reported Monday that she received a bill for a credit card she had never applied for. She said the credit card’s billing address was her old residence in Minton Hall.

•Andrew W. Jackson, Southwest, reported Monday the passenger side window of his 1995 Chevrolet Impala, parked on the seventh level of the parking structure, broken and his CD player worth $700 stolen. Damage totaled $200.

•Jerry W. Sloas, Ceco Concrete Construction Company, reported Monday a window of one of the construction trailers at the Ogden Drive construction site shot out. Damage totaled $200.

•Penny F. Price, Facilities Management, reported Tuesday the side view mirror and taillight of a Western 1984 Chevrolet S-10 parked on the third level of the structure damaged. Damage totaled $100.

•Joshua M. Cheatham, Keen Hall, reported Tuesday his parking permit worth $65 stolen from his 1988 Chevrolet Beretta parked in the Creason lot.