On his Ps and Qs

Zach Mills

Chad Aull is doing big things.

He’s president of Farmhouse fraternity, president of the College Democrats and treasurer of the Future Farmers of America.

Last week he served as men’s overall Greek Week chairman and led his fraternity to an overall first place finish.

He’s also taking 13 credit hours, and he’s in a committed relationship.

During Greek Week, the Philpot junior had to balance his responsibilities as president of his fraternity while also making sure all events ran smoothly and were conducted fairly.

Charley Pride, director of Student Activities, worked alongside Aull and said Aull did very well balancing his responsibilities.

“He’s just one of the students you could classify as a role model,” Pride said. “He’s involved in a lot of things and does a lot of things well.”

Pride can also vouch for Aull’s character.

“I think he’s able to work with all types of constituents,” Pride said. “And he stays calm.”

Aull had to stay calm long enough to help diffuse a small fight that almost erupted between his fraternity brothers and members of Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity during Tug. And he had to stay calm when his fraternity’s banner, which Farmhouse members spent three weeks making, was stolen by an unknown culprit.

Aull was up before 8 a.m. almost every day last week trying to balance all of his responsibilities.

“It’s probably been the most hectic week of my life,” he said.

Not only did Aull supervise all the events, he said he had to be the “first one there and the last one to leave.”

Although last week was hectic for Aull, he successfully navigated his fraternity and Greek Week to a respectable finish.

And he’s got a formula for his success.

“Everything in life is about time management,” he said. “April is a big month for Greeks. April always seems to be a busy month for any fraternity you’re in. Sometimes you have to sacrifice having fun at certain functions.”

And Aull has been striving to find time to spend with his girlfriend, sophomore Brittany Fausey of Jeffersonville, Ind.

The two have been dating for a little over two months.

Fausey’s unyielding support also plays a role in Aull’s success.

A perfect example of this, Aull said, was last Sunday when Farmhouse ended up winning Spring Sing but returned to the house to find its banner missing. Aull suspects it was stolen. Pride gave Aull’s fraternity a one-day extension to complete its banner.

“(Brittany) came down and helped work on the banner until 3 a.m.,” Aull said. “She gets along with all the guys in the fraternity as well.”

Aull holds Fausey in high esteem, and she feels the same way about him.

“He’s wiser than his age,” Fausey said. “He’s very mature and organizes things very well.

“It makes me so happy and proud that he’s my boyfriend.”

But Fausey isn’t the only facet of Aull’s support system. His fraternity brothers also help him.

“I think Chad’s doing an excellent job,” said Jeff Ray, Owensboro sophomore and Farmhouse member. “Whatever we decide to do, he does it one hundred and ten percent.”

Metcalfe County freshman Ben Keltner said the unity and brotherhood in Farmhouse helped lead them to a Greek Week victory.

“As far as our brotherhood is concerned, we’ve probably got the strongest,” Keltner said.

Last week’s victory marks Farmhouse’s second consecutive first place finish.

Aull has pride in his brothers and gives them the credit he feels they deserve.

“It’s easy to win something once, but it’s hard to stay on top,” he said. “Our guys were able to strive to be the best fraternity on campus by winning Greek Week.”

And Aull led the way.

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