Sidewalks near Wetherby

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Every day when I walk from my dorm over to the academic side of campus I use the sidewalk that goes between Wetherby and Florence-Schnieder. Every time I use that sidewalk a car or service vehicle comes racing down through it or hovers behind me until I jump in the grass. This is probably annoying for both me and the driver, and it seems to occur all times during the day.

With all of the sidewalk repair that Western did last semester, I wonder if it would be too much to ask for an extra sidewalk for pedestrians that runs next to the Wetherby driveway. This way students and faculty on foot can nagivate between Big Red Way and the top of the hill without worrying about someone wanting to drive through it, and drivers don’t have to wait for someone to walk in the grass or to notice the car behind them.

I’ve been walking that sidewalk at midnight or later coming from the library and there are still cars coming through there from behind FAC or wherever the driveway leads. It’s obviously a common route for vehicles as well as students, and often at night it’s hard to see if someone is walking there, so a driver might eventually hit someone on that sidewalk.

Instead of making it off-limits to cars or to students, a sidewalk adjoining the driveway for that strip would solve the problem quite easily. And with the seeming raises in tuition, there’s got to be money for it somewhere.

Joshua Woleben

Paducah, Ky sophomore