False and tasteless advertising

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I do not hold advertisers in high regard; I am probably not

alone. Advertisers prey on dependency, addiction and

vice while trying to sell everything from beer to bathroom

tissue. But we get used to it, and it usually doesn’t seem

too outrageous.

But outrageous is just the term for an advertisement run

on the back page of Tuesday’s Herald. “FAT TUESDAY

TONIGHT!” Proclaimed the ad, which invited hard

drinkers to The Brewing Company (a local bar) for a $5

all-you-can-drink special. Now I’m not a teetotaler, and $5

sound slike a decent deal to me. My outrage came from a

picture in the ad: A young woman, neck laden with beads,

pulling her blouse open to show gawking guys her

breasts. A “CENSORED” was placed over the woman’s


The ad was tasteless; this is not really open to debate

among anyone with honest, common sense. But more

outrageous is the obvious implication: Come to The

Brewing Company’s “Mardi Gras” party and see some

skin. I did not attend the “Fat Tuesday” event, but I’m

willing to bet that what’s taking place in the picture didn’t

happen; even if it did, there’s no way the ad-makers could

have known that it would. And (unless The Brewing

Company got a temporary exotic dancing license), what’s

going on in the picture would be

ITALHEREillegalOFFITAL if it happened at The Brewing


Would the Herald run an ad for a “420 Fest,” showing a

rasta smoking a fat joint? Better yet, I suggest that you

run an advertisement encouraging rape, which has too

often come out of the mob-of-men mentality that Mardi

Gras is so known for.

R. Justin Shepherd

Bowling Green junior


PS: I am leaving the country today and will not be back til

the 17th. I know you need confirmation, so I promise this

is me! Also you can call Taylor Loyal, a coworker, at

783-3243, and verify that I wrote the letter.