Band will play for opposition

Josh Buckman

Thursday night, Western’s pep band will be performing in a women’s basketball game against North Texas, but it won’t be the Hilltoppers they’ll be playing for.

During the Sun Belt Conference Tournament, some members of the Western Pep Band will perform for Arkansas-Little Rock, who decided not to send its school band. The band will also lend a drummer to Denver’s band.

“It’s going to be weird playing someone else’s fight song,” senior trumpet player Tyler Andrew said. “It’s kind of like cheating on your girlfriend.”

Although UALR does not have an official fight song, “Give Me Their Loving” is traditionally used as the Trojans’ fight song. Throughout the rest of the game, the band will play songs they would normally use during a Hilltopper game.

About 25 members will play for UALR’s men’s and women’s teams. They will be paid $20 per game and will receive Trojan shirts from UALR to wear while they are performing.

Even though some might choose to view the band’s playing for another team the same way an American patriot views Benedict Arnold, band director Jeffrey Steiner says they are serving their main purpose by pumping up the fans.

“They’re just providing a little extra excitement for the other teams’ fans,” Steiner said.

Both Steiner and several band members also believe that it is a good opportunity for band members to earn a little cash on the side. That is something that always comes in handy for the typical college student.

“Basically, we’re playing for the money, and you can’t beat that,” junior bass guitar player Crissy Priddy said.

If by some chance either UALR’s men’s or women’s teams wind up playing one of Westerns’ teams, half of the band members will be playing against one another. Both squads would try to beat each other by proving who is the loudest. But Priddy says, no matter what happens, she will play for Western.

“I will definitely choose Western because I love Western,” she said.

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