Recruiters want preparation from employees

Marlene Brueggemann

Recruiters are looking for more than a professional look and good resume at this year’s Career Expo.

The expo will give students the opportunity to network and possibly find their niche in the job market, if they are well-prepared and knowledgeable of their field and the company with which they are seeking employment.

Carol White, associate director of Western’s Career Services Center, said the expo is a great opportunity to meet face-to-face with a recruiter in a comfortable setting outside of a professional interview.

White said recruiters look for job specific and transferable skills, like communication and leadership, and want applicants to be team oriented.

But seniors should have a clear career focus and developed professional skills related to the particular career field they want to go into.

One point recruiters criticize is that applicants do not research the company and the requirements of the job they are applying for,White said.

Recruiters are also turned off by applicants who do not properly assess their own skills and abilities.

“This is a sales process, and you are the product,” White said

Recruiters have the responsibility to find the best person for the job, so students should be able to state what their qualifications are and why they should be the one hired, White said.

John F. Jones, assistant superintendent of Carroll County’s public schools board of education, said a particular turnoff for him is the “what can you do for me” approach from applicants.

“It is what you can do for us and our students,” he said.

Kari Aikins, human resource specialist for the city of Bowling Green, said, often, applications are not properly filled out and applicants don’t know the requirements for the job they applied for. That is already an indication of how poorly people will perform at the job, Aikins said.

“Some apply just for the sake of applying for a job,” she said.

Besides leaving a good impression at the job fair, proper follow up is important, White said. This can be done through notes expressing appreciation and interest in working for the firm or company.

Louisville junior Sharnicka McMurry said she attended a job fair in Louisville and plans to go to Western’s Career Expo tomorrow.

“I can get a head start on what employers are looking for, and it helps me understand how I should present myself,” McMurry said.

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