Crime reports


•Colette Renee Taylor, Creason Street, was charged Tuesday with alcohol intoxication. She was released the same day from Warren County Regional Jail on time served.


•Officer Craig Beckmann was involved in a chase with a 1986 Dodge Diplomat Friday at 11:34 p.m. The report said two black men were in the car driving on University Boulevard towards Russellville Road with no headlights traveling at 50 mph in a 35 mph zone. He tried to stop the vehicle at Russellville Road and Morgantown Road and then continued to pursue the vehicle with his lights and siren onto Morgantown Road. The car turned right onto Holley Drive, then right onto Gary Avenue and finally right onto South Street at speeds between 25 and 35 mph. The driver exited the car while it was still in motion, leaving the passenger inside. The driver continued on foot from South Street to Curd Street. No arrests were made, and the investigation is ongoing.

•Eric W. Senpsrott, Northeast Hall, reported Monday a Western sweatshirt, worth $30, stolen from the laundry room.

•Ronald D. Slavic, Purchasing Manager, reported Tuesday a red, two-wheeled dolly with a rounded back and no handles, worth $50, stolen from the Service Supply Building basement.

•Ben R. Fowler, 13th Street, reported Tuesday $34 in cash stolen from his wallet in a Preston Center locker room. He did not lock the locker.

•Misty R. Lindsey, Instyle Salon and Tanning, reported Tuesday a bottle of “Luv Ya Brown” tanning lotion, worth $27, missing from a shelf in the salon.

•Natasha M. Widner, South Campus Bookstore, reported Tuesday a book, worth $46, stolen from the bookstore.

•Brett W. Lemmons, Pearce-Ford Tower, reported Tuesday the right rear quarter panel of his 1991 Toyota Camry damaged. It was parked in the Poland Lot. Damage totaled $300.