Parking problems seem to stay

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Parking seems to be a problem at Western that effects every person who wants a spot on campus. Students who commute and who live on campus, faculty and a staff, and workers all seem to have difficulty find a place to park.

But who is worst off? The teachers, who get the most convenient spots? The commuters, who have to vacate Diddle Arena’s lot before a basketball game? The students who reside on campus, who have to share their parking structure with WKU Official vehicles who hardly ever use their specified spots but take up students’? Or is it the BSA staff, who are required to walk in the dark to their designated jobs?

Who is to say for sure. We can only be certain that WKU needs to take the initiative and create more convenient parking lots that are not just for the professors and instructors. Remember that it is the students who keep this university running. The tuition and fees (which do include parking permits) we pay are the lifesblood that maintains Western.

At least there are lights illuminating Diddle lot. Over half of the parking structures lights do not work and other parking lots are campus are usually unlit at night.