Fashion and MLK

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Trevor Frey’s recent letter asks: What are you going to do?

It took a lot of guts for Zak Cummins to write the Feb 18 piece on Martin Luther King. Traditionally, college campus’s are hot beds for political correctness and Boasian brainwashing. So it comes as no surprise to read the hate-filled, fashion conscious, peer pressure-driven letters vilifying Mr. Cummins.

Trevor Frey’s letter was interesting because he mentions the National Alliance, an organization I belong to. Mr. Frey’s disdain for our phrase “Love Your Race,” among other politically incorrect things, was a sterling example of Pavlovian conditioning, the main culprits being the mainstream media, churches, and universities. By the way, the arrested individual who Mr. Frey said is a member of the National Alliance belonged to another organization entirely.

Mr. Frey and all the other Cummins-critics will be glad to know that Ernst Zundel, the holocaust revisionist mentioned on our webpage, is now sitting in prison for his beliefs although the authorities will say it’s because he missed a citzenship hearing. Right. Would it please the students who have vilified Mr. Cummins that he join Mr. Zundel for the same challenge against conventional wisdom?

Mr Frey minimizes the fact that MLK obtained his degree through plagarism. If I were a professor I would keep a close eye on Mr. Frey’s work.

John Carlo

member: National Alliance


Free speech demands free thinking

By Trevor Frey

Trevor Frey

Voltaire once said, “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”