Regarding 13 Feb article “Taking a Stand”

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I am a WKU student teacher at Warren East High School in Bowling Green. I have been told that my comments, which ran in the February 13 article “Taking a Stand,” reflect negatively on academics at Warren East. Please allow me to clarify my opinion.

Every public school in Kentucky wants its students to reach proficiency by 2014. Cuts in education funding will affect every school’s efforts to reach this goal. Warren East, like every school, is proceeding toward this goal with the funding they have. But in my opinion, the task will be too great — for every school — without sufficient funding.

I am a graduate of the Warren County school system, and I received a superior education. I have now been working with Warren East students and faculty for six weeks. I am nothing but proud of the students and their accomplishments, and grateful to Warren East for allowing me to complete my teaching certification there. My intent in speaking to the Herald was only to convey my concern for the continuation of superiority in Warren County education.

Go Raiders,

Ashley Atkerson

Senior, Physics & Astronomy major