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Let me get this straight, WKU is in a financial bind, we students are looking forward to more tuition & fee hikes, and WKU is paying for the visit on Al Sharpton? Where’s the restraint on the budget? These guys with Presidental aspirations have money. Let them pay their own way, or pay for it with private money. Don’t use my tuition/fees money to bring this guy to WKU.

While I love that Sharpton is giving the Democrat Party the shivers, (with demands of the Clinton/Kennedy protection plan, etc etc), he’d hardly make a decent President. However, if we must bring poltical speakers to WKU, then I insist that there be some balance. Bill Clinton recently complained in an interview with Katie Couric that there’s no balance in talk-radio. Well now it’s my turn to complain. If the guidelines are to bring in a black presidental candidate, then Alan Keyes is your balancing act. Or even better, if he doesnt have to be a politician, then I insist that WKU bring in Larry Elder.

Clint Dockery

Morgantown KY – WKU Junior