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Letter to the Editor

I can’t really define the purpose of this letter. Honestly, I havn’t even been reading the papers or watching the news. Not because I feel like the world’s/nation’s dirty laundry will bring me down. Just for the simple fact that all this Iraq buisness is enebitable. It’s already written,it’s law. It’s gonna happen as sure as the sunrise. Of course I pray that a diplomatic answer agreement will be reached, but it’s just not realistic.

I agree that Jr. isn’t the most intellectual of our many fine leaders

“It is clear our nation is reliant upon big foreign oil. More and more of our imports come from overseas.” George W. Bush

That quote says enough. At times it seems that he could be branded a hardliner. Imagine how Teddy Roosevelt would handle this situation. Now were talking about a man who was shot in the chest while giving a speech, and didn’t come from behind the podium until an hour later when he finished. People say that it’s a different world now. Not at all. It’s just gotten a little smaller. Homer, Shakespear, even the bible tells us countless stories of sex, murder, betrayel, and war. It’s not any worse, we’re just subjected to the tragedies of life on a greater scale in many different ways.

Are we so ignorant to think that George Jr. would start a world war to settle the score between Iraq and his father? Be for real. He might be the most powerful man on the face of the planet, but the boy’s on the hill are gonna keep him in check. Republican or not. Politicians might be corupt but they hav’nt sold their souls.

Let’s say that G.W.B. has lost his mind and is hellbent on war. Take comfort in the fact that General Powell is also at the helm. Your guaranteed that one way or another he’s gonna t.c.b. Americans don’t realize this, but in the first years of this country it was the Secretary of State who usually took the next term as president. Not the Vice Presidnt. To simplify things, Powell carries a big damn stick. And he’s a man of true character.

It might sound like I’m a republican. Actually I was raised a diehard democrate, and registered as one aswell. But even my grandfather, and father will tell you that in these sticky situations it’s imperative that both parties stick together. My father was asking me where I stood on the subject. The only way I could define my position was to tell him I’m trying to keep my democrate heart with a republican head. Think about that.

Take time to deliberate; but when the time for action arrives;stop thinking and go in.

-Andrew Jackson

To maintain peace in the future it is necessary to be prepared for war

-Ulysses S. Grant

Right is more precious than peace

-Woodrow Wilson

If we cannot now end our differences, at least we can help make the world safe for diversity

-John F. Kennedy

Different men. Different times. Same message. We say it’s not our responsibility to police the world. To say that is ignorant and nieve. Always worried about our own hides. It’s been said that the generation of men who fought the Second World War were to be the last great generation of Americans.(watch Band of Brothers)It’s absolutly neausiating to think about the sacrifices those great men made, while listening to Sinead O’Conner. Think about that next time your to sorry to hold a door for an old man. In the imortal words of Earl Pitts “Wake Up America!!!”

Preston Veal

Nicholasville,Ky 779-0412 Secondary Ed.